Questions for your Potential Photographer

  1. How many years , lenses?f experience do you have as a Professional Wedding Photographer and how many weddings do you photograph each year?
  2. What type of photography do you use? Digital? Medium Format? How many Megapixels does your camera have?
  3. How much back-up equipment do you bring to a wedding? Extra cameras, flash, lenses?
  4. Do you have the experience to handle any and all lighting copnditions that may bbe presen t on the day of my wedding?
  5. Are there any hidden fees? Will you be satisfdied by the quality and size of the prints? Is your4e photographer experienced enough to not take excessive and unusable photographs?
  6. Will the photographer you interview be the person to cover your wedding or will the company send someone else?
  7. , state or national park etc that
  8. Does he/she listen to your concerns and invite your input on the style of images you'd like captured? Remember your photographer will be present during a large portion of yor wedding and should be someone you are comfortable with. Make sure you trust their skill level and ability to keep up with the flow.
  9. When emeeting with your other vendors, such as caterers, officients, florists and DJ's ask if they have experience working with your photographer.
  10. Has your photographer worked at the location of your wedding before?Are they familiar with the stipulations of the Church, State or National Park etc that may apply to your wedding
  11. How much time will the photographer need for taking alter shots during my wedding?
  12. What is your photographers policy in regards to guests taking photos during my wedding?
  13. Will my photographer makle my guests comfortable and at ease? How?
  14. Does your photographer have a large portfolio that diosplays a variety of formal, casual, candid and journalistic styles? Do they have a website? Businessw License? References?